Welcome to The London Bar Company

Providing mobile bars in and around London - one of the most important parts of any event

The London Bar Company are here to provide mobile bars for any particular event in any location desired. All of our bars are fully installed and come readily equipped with our experienced, professional and friendly bar team. Bars form an important part of many social gatherings and the bar service provided at your event can make all the difference, leaving your guests congratulating you on a entertaining and well run gathering, or wandering why they attended.

A poorly maintained and ill stocked bar can lower the mood of any party, especially if the refreshments provided are limited or guests are left waiting too long to be served. The London Bar Company are here to ensure this is never the case and provide each event with a service that is second to none.

There are a large range of products on offer to all of our clients, including an extended line up of draught bitters and larger's, spirits, wines, bottled beers and soft drinks. The London Bar Company can also arrange special refreshments, such as champagne for a toast, just make a request when inquiring about your event and we will aim to please.

Being an independent outfit, The London Bar Company can offer a number of different options to suit the needs of our customer and their budget. If there is something you cannot find on our website and are looking for further information, or for a free no obligation quote for your event, contact us now.